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[Fix] Cannot Download TuTu App Apk, Tutu App Won’t Download, Tutu App Pokemon Go Not Downloading or Working


TuTu App Won’t Download : After the Intro of Pokemon Go Game users are going crazier than ever. But pokemon go availability is limited to few countries. Unfortunately if your the user living in pokemon go not available countries you cannot download it. Here the Numerous apps stores alternative to playstore and itunes store are being discovered day-to-day which are giving tweaked pokemon go version which can be played anywhere in the world. TuTu App is one among the famous appstores which grabbed most users attention toward it by rendering tweaked Pokemon go apk for android and Pokemon go for iOS latest versions. You may wonder now the TuTu App receiving huge hits and downloads over internet throughout the world even it is available in chinese language only. Most of the users are searching for latest TuTu Apk for Android you can grab it right here. Now think off TuTu app for iOS, Yes it is also available right here. So we can say that TuTu App store best alternative for both play store and iOS app stores.

Along with this I have seen many users are complaining that I cannot download TuTu App. While downloading tutu apk for android It is showing TuTu App won’t download now. In some devices TuTu is not working showing blank screen. So what ever might be the issue, I have posted solutions for TuTu App Won’t Download issues. If you are troubling with TuTu App download and installation just check out below guide How to Fix Cannot Download Tutu App, TuTu App Won’t Download and Pokemon go not installing on TuTu App for possible solution. You can also post your query in below comment box we will come back with  possible solution.

Check How to Bypass Jailbreak Check while Playing Pokemon GO on iOS iphone devices

Fix or Solve Cannot Download Tutu App for Android, TuTu App Won’t Download on iOS devices, Tutu App Not Working Issues

As I said before TuTu app is best alternative to get all paid/premium stuff freely. There are thousands of apps available on TuTu app store. You can download all premium content and tweaked apps for free. Tutu App also got familiarized because of tweaked Tutu pokemon go verison download. Most of the users are enjoying Pokemon Go using Tutu App. But some users are not able to install pokemon go using tutu app. And there are many complaints about Cannot download TuTu App, TuTu App Won’t Download TuTu app not working. We posted few possible solutions to fix the issues. Scroll down to see one by one.

TuTu App Won't Download or Cannot Download Tutu Apk
Fix TuTu App Won’t Download or Cannot Download Tutu Apk

Tutu app Won’t Download, Unable to Install Tutu App on iOS (iPhone/iPad), Could Not Be Installed at This Time, Pokemon go Not installed on TuTu iOS

Tutu App Versions Conflict: If you are using Tutu app older version, You may see an error unable to use tutu app right now, pokemon go won’t download etc. Getting the TUTU App updated version is the best solution for all glitches you found with tutu app. Tutu App latest updated version are with newer labels TUTU Helper and TUTU VIP. In order to enjoy paid and premium apps you need to get any of these apps. Hit here to get TUTU Helper for iOS and Android Devices. Still with download and install issues????? Scroll down the guide “Fix for TuTu App Won’t Download and Install on iOS, Android Devices”

Issue  1 : Conflict between Jailbroken Tutu App version and Non-Jailbroken version

Tutuapp App for iOS without jailbreak is the thing what we need to download. TuTu website allows you download and install TuTu app for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. While downloading Tutuapp from home page first look at the tabs and then download Tutu iOs App. You can easily fix TuTu App Won’t Download on iphone/ipad/ipod touch devices.

How to Fix Failed to Detect Locaation or GPS signal not found on Pokemon Go

Issue 2 : Conflict between existed tutu app version and new version

Here when you tried to download tutu app from official website you may see Unable to Install Tutu App or won’t download TuTu app or unable to download Pokemon Go on TuTu. This is because of existed tutu app verison on the iOS device. Solution or Fix for such issues is you need to uninstall existed tutu app apk version and then download new one.

  • Go to Settings ->General -> Reset -> Reset network settings. 
  • Enter the password in order to reset the network settings.
  • That’s it wait for few minutes you device will reset, Soon after connect to WIFI network by authenticating with password.
  • Now again Install Tutuapp and download pokemon go. This time you wont see any error.

TuTu app Won’t download, TuTu Apk not downloading, TuTu cannot download on Android, Unable To Install Pokemon Go on TuTu Apk

In one of my previous posts I have posted direct download tutu apk from official website here. As the whole website is in chinese language users are troubling to find exact tutu app apk.

Issue : Not finding TuTu Apk on official website.

Users are unable to find TuTu APK on website. When an users tries to download tutu app apk on their smartphones, The website view will be adjusted to mobile view and the TuTu APK tab is missing from the display (Only in some areas). To fix Won’t find Tutu App Apk on Android Smartphones or Cannot Download TuTu App APK follow below steps.

  • Open your Pc/Laptop.Connect it to Internet.
  • Now Open https://www.tutuapp.com.
  • Head over to android tab and hit on download button. That’s it Tutu App Apk will be downloaded to you Pc.
  • Now locate the apk file on your laptop and transfer it to your smartphone.
  • Now the TuTu App installation on Android smartphones is similar to installation of other apk.

Issue 2 : Conflict between older TuTu App version. 

If you are downloading tutu app to install and play pokemon go, You might see an error stating TuTu App Won’t download now or Tutuapp Won’t Install at This Time. So you may unable to install pokemon go using TuTu Apk. To resolve such type of issues follow below steps on your mobile phones.

  • Settings > Application Manager > List of all Applications will be displayed > Now Hit on TuTu App from the list.
  • Now you will find Application info. Hit on Storage and Hit on Clear Cache.
  • Then come back and uninstall the TuTu App.
  • Soon after successful un-installation head over to official website https://www.tutuapp.com and try downloading again. This time you wont see any error.

Above discussed are possible solutions for issues so far seen. Hope our guide How to Fix Tutuapp Won’t Download/Cannot Download TuTu Apk/Unable to Install Pokemon Go Not Working on TutuApp helped you. If you are facing troubles with any other issues rather than above discussed, You can post it in below comments section. We will be back with best possible solution. Thank you

Download Voot for Pc/Laptop – Watch & Stream Movies with Voot Pc Version on Windows 10,7/8/8.1/XP, Mac Os Computer


Download Voot for Pc/Laptop : Discover the new entertainment with all new Voot App on Smartphones and on bigger screens Pc/Laptop. Voot is an emerging popular online video streaming application which is much similar to Netflix and Hotstar app. Voot is a mobile first video on demand platform, Part of Viacom 18 Digital Ventures, the digital arm of Viacom 18 – one of the country’s largest growing media networks. You might be thinking there are lot more movie streaming apps available freely Showbox, Moviebox, Playbox, Megabox, CinemaBox  etc….. Why VOOT ???? With the release of Voot App in more than 7 different languages. Our team tested app and following are the conclusions and attractions from the emerging Voot. It is a simplified version of Streaming Media, Where user can enjoy watching interested videos and movies and T.v shows for free of cost with an easy understandable interface. Biggest assets of Voot App is Movies will be getting updated as newest and older daily, T.V serials will be updated soon after telecast is done ie within in 12 Hours, So one can enjoy without waiting for days on youtube. Hit here for Voot Android Download and Voot iOS Download. Here we discusses about Trending attractions and features of Voot App, Finally How to download and install Voot for Pc/Laptop with Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp, Mac Os.

 Download the List of Popular Movies and Tv shows Streaming Apps

Free Download Voot For Pc/Laptop on Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp, Mac OS Computer

Actually speaking Voot is the application for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. This streaming app increased its popularity slowly and now in great competition with all other existing streaming apps. Moreover users are going crazy demanding Voot for Pc. The popularity of this ultimate streaming app can be guessed by the incoming searches over internet Voot for Pc download, Voot apk for Pc, Voot for Windows 10, Voot for Mac Laptop. In reality there is no official Voot Pc verison. Can’t we enjoy streaming on bigger screen with Voot ?????? Absolutely No!!!!! Simple android emulators made it possible to use Voot App on Windows/Mac Os. In the following structured guide our team will assist you to Download and Install Voot for Pc on Windows 10, Windows 8,8.1,7,xp or Mac Os Laptop.

Download and Install Voot for Windows, Mac
Download and Install Voot for Pc Windows 10/7/8/8.1/Xp

Interesting Features of Voot Pc App :

With over 17,000 hours of exciting content for audiences with varying choices and preferences, covering Colors Hindi, MTV, Nickelodeon, Viacom18 Motion Pictures, Colors Kannada, Colors Marathi, Colors Bangla, Colors Gujarati and MTV Indies, Voot offers Biggest TV Shows, Best Comedy shows, Best Drama shows, Best Romance shows, Blockbuster Movies, Your favorite Toons & Voot Originals, absolutely Free.

Get the Exciting motion gameplay gaming App Pokemon go on Android and Pokemon Go on Windows Pc

  • Voot Picks the best and latest episodes of the most popular on-air shows and Voot Originals are simply awesome.
  • A personalized vertical friendly interface which is customized as per individual users’ likes and viewing.
  • Discover Cards allow you to “Pull down for Bonus Content” to instantly access trending playlist of the most popular shows, across channels.
  • The CHROMECAST option allows you to hook up the App to their TVs.
  • Download the latest episodes of your shows favorite shows to your device, so that you can watch your favorite content on the go.
  • Voot Kids mode set up a pin to make sure your kids only see what you want them to. You can also seamlessly toggle between Voot and Voot Kids using Security Pin.
  • The first mobile video platform with a social engagement feature – where you can send out customized shouts for every video you watch, for everyone to see.
  • Resume and Playback: The App will remember the exact point where you had stopped watching a piece of content and allow you to “resume watching” from that point.

Try this Interesting Game Pokemon Go on iOS devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 

How to Download and Install Voot for Pc on Windows 10,7,8,8.1,Xp 32/64 bit, Mac OS Laptop-Watch and Stream Movies using Voot Pc App.

Voot App is basically an Android and iOS application. As i said before Voot app is not available for PC official so you have to install a third party android emulator like Leapdroid, Bluestacks to download voot for pc, We suggest you to download Bluestacks which is best one in the market. You can see reviews from official bluestacks website and for successful installation hit on the below link.

Download Bluestacks App Player

Steps to Install Voot for Pc on Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp Pc using Bluestacks App Player

  • Open Bluestacks by tapping on quick launch icon from desktop.
  • Find search box which is similar to magnifying glass and hit on it.
  • Type Voot on prompted page, You will find something like “Searchplay for Voot” Click on it.
Search Voot App on Pc
SearchPlay for Voot App on Pc in Bluestacks
  • From the displayed results hit on Voot app as shown in below page.
Voot for windows 10
Install Voot for Pc Windows or Mac Laptop
  • In the following prompt click on install and wait for some time to complete Voot for Pc Installation.
Install Voot for Pc or Laptop
Voot Pc installation guide on Windows and Mac Os

Soon after success message navigate to All apps and find voot app. Hit on the App to start enjoying streaming and watching movies, t.v shows on wider screens freely.

Alternate way to Download and Install Voot for Pc/Laptop – Windows 10,7,8,8.1,Xp on Voot Apk Download.

You can skip all the procedure above performed with one click to install voot on windows.

  • All you need to download latest voot app apk.

Link to download Voot App Latest Version 

  • Double tap on it or just right click and open with bluestacks apk installer.

Hope you are successful with Download and Installation of Voot Pc Version. If you get any issues while downloading and installing Voot for Pc/Laptop especially with Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1 and Mac Os X you can throw your questions in the comment box below.Thanks for reading this article.

Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems-Fixes & Solutions for Pokemon Go GPS, Server, Battery, Camera, Location Crashes

Pokemon Go ERRORS and Their Fixes

Pokemon Go Errors, Issues or Problems and their Fixes/Solutions : Right now, Whole the world is enjoying pokemon go game play.Undoubtedly pokemon go crossed millions of downloads and stood as leading in all app stores. This interesting Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic Labs  from NintendoWith in less time the game quickly became one of the most downloaded and top gaming app for smart devices in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada.  It makes use of GPS and camera of compatible devices. You can see complete Gameplay of Pokemon Go  here. However there are some glitches in pokemon go where everyone needs to concentrate. This post summarizes all Major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems, and their Solutions,Fixes.

[Solved] Major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems and their Solutions/Fixes

If you are looking to play pokemon go without any errors or issues on android or iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) devices !!!!!!! Look down the guide for list of issues which are being faced by Pokemon Go gamers. We have also listed possible solutions and fixes for pokemon go issues on android and iphone. Do follow us to know the major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems and their  Solutions/Fixes.

Download Pokemon Go App
Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems and their Solutions/Fixes.

Pokemon Go Consumes Lot of Battery-Fix Battery Drain/Battery Issues

As i said before Pokemon Go uses GPS and Internet Connectivity which will definitely drain our battery a lot faster than other games. Battery Draining Issues in Pokemon Go game is a major issue so far found and to address this issues we mentioned best possible ways. Do follow them in requirement

  • Tap on the Battery saver, Which will automatically reduces the device unnecessary props like brightness, sounds, and notifications alerts.
  • No one like to stop enjoying the game play, So do carry power banks or battery.
  • Finally, You should wait for fix from Niantic labs. As so many players complaint about the battery draining issue on pokemon go and niantic is working on the issue.

Battery Draining is the major one among all Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems. We need to wait for an update that will fix battery draining in Pokemon Go game.

Skip Bypass Check on iPhone How to Bypass Jailbreak Check on Pokemon Go Using Master Ball Tweak

Pokemon go Game crashes/Stops responding on my device

Sometimes while playing the game you may stucks, crashes or game stops responding for activities. Possible reasons for such issues are Server not responding, Poor Internet Connection. Crosscheck the below points and decide what to do.

  • If pokeball remains spinning at the top  left corner most possibly it might be because of graphics not functioning properly
  • If pokeball goes on spinning then you might lost the internet connectivity and pokemon go is trying to reconnect to server.

In both the cases reboot or restart the game which will regains then server connectivity and also refreshes the device graphics. To do so follow below steps

  • Go back to your main home screen
  • Open uop multi tasking screen
  • Swipe the Pokemon go card in order to exit the app
  • Then restart this Pokemon go app.

Want to Enjoy Pokemon Go on Pc ?? Enjoy Playing Pokemon Go Game on Pc/Laptop With Bluestacks

Pokemon Go Game not installed (Android/iOS) Devices

Pokemon go can be installed in only certain devices. Please checkout the devices which can install pokemon go right from here. If you failed to meet above requirements then most probably errors you will counter are Pokemon Go Not Able to Installed or Pokemon Go Not Compatabile to your device. Latest issue where most users are seeing is Pokemon Go not available this is most common ant that can only be resolved by niantic labs. Pokemon go is official available in only few countries. When team decides to launch pokemon go in your country you will be able to install pokemon go game on your device.

Pokemon Go Available Countries
Fix Pokemon Go Errors Game Not Available in Countries

Want to play Pokemon from any Region? Pokemon Go Fake Location/Fake GPS Trick to Move Any Where Without Moving.

Pokemon Go Game Not Opening and Not Finding Pokemons Near By

Immediately after the launch players reached millions and the Pokemon Go game servers are unable to handle traffic much higher than what was anticipated. Only solution is to report @ niantic labs support. Similarly many are complaining that Can’t find Any Pokemon Near By in Pokemon Go Game. This issue also should be resolved by team Niantic Labs. So all you need to email to niantic labs support.

Pokemon Go Character or Player or Avatar not moving in Game

Do refer to this article

Fix Pokemon Go Character or Player Not Moving in Game

Fix Player not moving on Pokemon Go Errors
Pokemon Go Player Not Moving Errors fixed

GPS Signal Not Found/Failed To detect Location in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go game Gps Signal Not Found and Failed to detect Location is another major issue seeing by most of the players. To resolve the issues follow the below quick steps.

  • Try turning GPS on and off.
  • Ensure that the GPS is set to ‘High Accuracy’.
  • Turn off or disable ‘Allow Mock Locations’. Follow Below guide for full detailed instructions.

How to Fix Gps Signal Not Found in Pokemon Go Game

How to Fix Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location issue

Fix GPS Signal Not found in Pokemon go
Pokemon Go Errors GPS and Detect Location Fixed

Camera Orientation and Phone Orientation Not Detecting in Pokemon Go game

This happens in mobiles with no gyroscope sensors i.e Due to lack of gyroscope sensors your device will fails to show reality on your screen  and pop up of Camera Orientation and Phone orientation not detecting will be thrown. To fix such type of Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems you need to turn off Ar mode. Do follow below guide to Resolve 

Fix Pokemon Go Camera or Phone Orientation not detecting in Pokemon go game 

How to Fix Pokemon go cannot detect camera orientation
Pokemon go cannot detect camera orientation error solution

Turn off Augmented Reality (AR) in Pokemon Go [No AR]

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality game, Means it makes use off GPS and Camera (Gyroscope) in the game. When your device doesn’t have gyroscopic sensors and AR mode turned on you won’t see any real pokemons on screens instead you will be seeing only black screen. To resolve such issues ensure you turn off Ar mode or use NO AR.

Kindly let us know if any other issue is being faced by you which is not discussed here. Comment your concerns and your issue will be addressed on priority basis. Thank you enjoy error free playing pokemon go by gaining knowledge about major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues or Problems and their Fixes/Solutions.

Download Pokemon Go for Pc/Laptop-Play Pokemon Go on Windows 10,7,8,8.1 Using Nox App Player in Any Country


Latest pokemon go game trick, Download and Play Pokemon Go For Pc/Laptop. Absolutely true most of the world is enjoying pokemon go game on their iOS and Android devices. Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic Labs. Pokemon Go has been incredibly popular since its launch. The game play of pokemon go is bit different from all other games. You need to have physical movement ie you need to move place to place along with avatar on screen. Click here for Complete Gameplay of Pokemon Go. All the time it mayn’t possible to move, However are you thinking How to enjoy playing Pokemon GO Without Moving anywhere ????? If yes this guide Pokemon Go for Pc will be more handy for you. Requirements to play Pokemon go without moving are A PC/Laptop and Third party emulator Nox APP Player. In this guide I will be explaining How to Download Pokemon Go for Pc/Laptop and Play Pokemon GO with Moving anywhere using NOX App player.

Pokemon Go for Pc Download-How to Play Pokemon on Pc with Nox App Player on Windows 10,7,8,Xp

After establishing a game account, the player creates an avatar by selecting a hair, skin, style and outfit. After the avatar is created, it is displayed at the player’s current location along with a map of the player’s immediate surroundings. Features on the map include a number of PokéStops and Pokémon gyms. PokéStops provide players with items, such as eggs, Poké Balls. Gyms serve as battle locations for team-based battles. As players travel the real world, their avatar moves along the game’s map. Different Pokémon species reside in different areas of the world. All Players must physically travel to explore the game’s map and visit PokéStops and gyms to engage battles and catch pokemon. [Extracted from Pokemon GO Wikipedia]. Below are the Keypoints to remember and follow while downloading pokemon go for pc and playing it on windows with nox app player.

Download and Install Pokemon Go for Pc & Play without Moving on Windows 10,8,8.1,7,XP using Nox App Player

Here we are going against to pokemon go game rules i.e We are trying to play pokemon go game without moving on Pc/Laptop. So one should need to proceed cleverly. Buddies I will be sharing tweak here with full explanation follow carefully. Downloading Pokemon go for Pc/Laptop is made possible with Bluestacks and Nox App player. However with bluestacks the process is bitter, Nox app player comes with pre-downloaded Pokemon Go Game. Don’t worry , I will be sharing you structured guide supported with images on Pokemon go for Pc downloading and playing using Nox App Player without moving anywhere or without using Fake GPS Location. Operatong systems Windows 10, Windows 8,8.1,7,XP can follow our tutorial.You can also get a exclusive tutorial on How to Play Pokemon Go Using Bluestacks Also here. With no delay let’s back to tutorial.

How to Setup Nox App player on Pc to Play Pokemon Go without moving on Windows Laptop

Step 1. Download and install Latest Nox App Player-Pokémon GO for PC version here. This copy comes with Pokemon Go installed on it already. The setup is simple, just keep clicking “Next”.

Step 2 : Start up Nox App player from quick launch icon, Wait for few seconds and you will find the Pokémon GO icon on the main window.

Download and Play Pokemon Go for Pc
Pokemon Go for Pc downloading and playing using Nox App Player

Step 3 : Click on the Pokémon GO icon, Log in with your Google account and start playing Pokemon go without moving on Pc/Laptop with Nox App Player!!!!!!

This is where you successfully setting up Nox App Player Pokemon go for Pc version on your windows 10,7,8,8.1,XP Pc/Laptop. Now you need to know How to play pokemon go on pc without moving anywhere using Nox App Player.

 Latest Fix Failed to Detect Location on Pokemon Go Game Working ways

Settings to be Made to Play Pokémon GO for PC in any country Using Nox APP Player

You need to Make few settings for perfect pokemon go game launch. Some of them are seeing issues so you need to checkout following changes are made or not.

  • Click on Pokemon Go icon on Nox App player.
  • Then setup your pokemon account using your google account as shown in below image.
Pokemon go Pc setup Download on Nox App Player
Pokemon go Pc Setup on Nox App Player 
  • Soon after take a look on to controls over Nox App player which allows you to play and enjoy Pokemon go on Pc.

Latest Trick ***How to Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon Game on iOS and iPhone devices***

  • Nox has a bult in GPS spoofer that lets you walk with the W/A/S/D keys. You could control your avatar to walk around using the WASD keys.By default you will controls on the screen. Get a clear screen by settings opacity or transparency to zero. Side bar >> Click Save >> Turn transparency to Zero and click Yes.
Play Pokemon go on Pc with Nox App Player
Play pokemon Go with WASD controls on Nox Player
  • AR: the augmented reality technology need to use your camera and capture your surrounding environment. But this might suitable or possible in the PC case. So Make sure to turn AR off so that you can see Pokemons.
Ar Settings in Pokemon Go Pc
Pokemon Go Camera Orientation Fixing on Pc
  • Locations Spoof: Click on the Virtual Location button on the side bar as shown in below image. Then drag to pin yourself anywhere on the map and click on OK button at the bottom bar then you will be there instantly.
Pokemon go for Pc/laptop using Nox Player
Play pokemon go on Pc using virtual location

*** How To Play Pokemon Go Without Moving or Go anywhere using Fake GPS Location.***

How to Play Pokemon  Go on Pc on Nox App Player in any country

Soon after setting up above controls, Make a move and start playing Pokemon GO on Windows 10,8,7,8.1,Xp Pc/Laptop.

  • Click on Pokemon Go icon on Nox App Player
  • Now pin to your favorite place where you can find pokemon on nox app player. Note : [Don’t use locations spoof very frequently you may get warnings from pokemon go]
  • Find pokemons near to you and start catching. Here in example I will be catching Pokemon JigglyPuff.
Play Pokemon Go Game on Pc with Nox App
Play Pokemon Go Game and catch Pokemons on Pc
  • Similarly you can visit nearest pokemon stops and can collect all rewards like pokeballs, eggs, revive, potions etcc.

That’s all about How to Download Pokemon Go for Pc with Nox App Player and How to Play Pokemon Go Game on windows 10,8,8.1,7,Xp Laptop.Hope you guys are enjoying pokemon gamplay on wider screens. If you have any queries or any suggestion feel free to contact us. As we are dealing exclusively about pokemon go, You can also request us a article about any pokemon go issue. Thank you………….

How to Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon Go with MasterBall Tweak on iPhone, iOS 10, 9+, 8+ Devices


Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon Go : Pokemon Go is a new trending game all over the world. Awaited gaming app finally released on to Google Play store and iOS App store. Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based mobile game developed by Niantic Nintendo Company. It was released in earlier July 2016 for iOS and Android devices. The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on device screens. It makes use of GPS and camera of compatible devices. Get complete description about Gameplay of Pokemon Go  here. But this is available to download only in some countries not. Are you in a region where you cannot download this game use our guide to enjoy playing pokemon go by using Fake Gps location. We have also covered solutions for major issues found in pokemon go. A new cheat has been discovered which will help all iOS Jailbroken devices to enjoy playing Pokemon Go. Here the major discussion would be “How to Skip or Bypass Jailbreak Check  in Pokemon Go Game in iOS jailbroken devices”

[Trick] Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon Go with MasterBall Tweak For iPhone,iOS

Pokémon Go with in less time quickly became one of the most downloaded and top gaming app for smart devices. Looking for latest Pokemon Go apk 2016 version get here. Actually Pokemon go game is compatible with some devices only you can have look onto devices below.

Android Devices

  • Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1 (Android N will not supported until the official Android release)
  • Preferred resolution of 720×1280 pixels (Not optimized for tablet)
  • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
  • GPS and Location Services
  • Intel CPUs are not supported.

How to Fix Failed to Detect Location of Pokemon Go Game on Android/iOS devices

 Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon GO on iPhones
How to Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon GO game using Master Ball Tweak, Pokepatch

iOS Devices

  • iPhone 5+
  • iOS 8+
  • Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
  • GPS and Location Services
  • Jailbroken devices are not supported

Here you will be seeing something Pokemon Go is not Supported on Jailbroken devices. So in this post I gonna talk about how you can bypass jailbreak check in pokemon go on your iPhone iOS device. Pokemon Go will not play on jailbreak iPhone devices because it’s program detects whether the device in which pokemon go is installed is Jailbroken or Not. However there are lots of users who jailbroken their iOS devices. To all those people with jailbreak device no need to worry anymore as I will tell you How you can bypass Jailbreak check in pokemon go on your iOS iPhone devices.

How to Bypass Jailbreak Check Pokemon Go Using MasterBall Tweak on iPhone 

CokePokes, brand new jailbreak tweak called Masterball lets you to bypass the jailbreak detection in Pokemon Go app on iPhone and iOS devices. Master ball Tweaks actually makes the program unable to detect whether of a device is jailbroken or not i.e it bypasses the jailbreak detection on Pokemon GO game and allows user to play Pokemon GO as the normal people plays.

Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon Go  on IOS devices
How to Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon Go on IOS iPhone devices
  • MasterBall Tweak Is Compatible With Below iOS Versions : iOS 8 +, iOS 9, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.2.1, iOS 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.3, iOS 9.4, iOS 10 and Above.

How to Fix GPS signal not Found in Pokemon Go Game On Android and iOS devices .

Steps to Bypass Jailbreak Check in Pokemon Go Using MasterBall Tweak

  • Now get Pokemon Go App on you iOS device iPhone.
  • Then Open Cydia and look for CokePokes and add it to your Cydia Sources. Point over cydia resources and add following source http://cokepokes.github.io/
  • Search for master ball and install on to the device.
  • That’s it now open Pokemon GO it works normally as in non jailbroken devices.

Bypass Jailbreak Check In Pokemon Go using Master Ball alternatives like Poke Patch Tweak, tsprotector 8+, Poke go ++

Here i’m mentioning few alternatives for Master Ball Tweak that can used to bypass jailbreak detection on iphone/iOS devices. You can also install alternatives of Master Ball tweak like Poke Patch Tweak, tsprotector 8+, Poke go ++ in a similar way as Master Ball tweak installation. Any of the above mentioned tweaks will surely work that makes Pokemon go functional well even on jail broken devices.

Is it safe to Bypass Jailbreak Detection in Pokemon Go Game??????

You are thinking in a smarter way but the technology is way smarter than us. Above tweaks will definitely bypass jailbreak detection but in some extreme cases your pokemon go account will lost. Because you used it on a jailbroken device.

This is all about How to bypass jailbreak check in Pokemon go using Masterball Tweak and its alternative on iPhone iOS devices. You can use any of the tweak mentioned in the post to bypass jailbreak check in Pokemon go game. Thank you

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